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Laboratory & Analysis with Tauro® Link

Our analysis software Tauro® Link is especially designed for laboratories. Recording torque curves, graphical representation, mean curves creation and statistical analysis is done by PC. Combining Tauro® Link with a coordinate table results in highest precision, therefore best results and makes automated measurement possible.


Tauro® Link      Analysis and Control Software

• Acquisition of process parameters
• Download of the torque curve, manually / automatic
• Safe / open of the diagrams including comment field
• Export of measurements (file formats: xml, csv, bmp)
• Graphical representation of the measurements with adjustable filtering and smoothing
• Statistical analysis: Mean value, standard deviation, maximum values (Range adjustable)
• Print function
• Data connection by Ethernet
• Remote control of the thread tapping unit

< Image > Tauro® Tribometer with analysis software Tauro® Link and coordinate table

Minimum system requirements:
• Windows® 7, Windows® 8.0/8.1 oder Windows® 10
• Intel Pentium® 3, or an equivalent x86 CPU, mit 1 GHz
• 1 GB RAM
• 100 MB free disk space

Tauro® Link Screenshot:
< Image > < Image > < Image > < Image >
< Image > < Image > < Image > < Image >

Coordinate Table      for automated measurements

• Controlled by Tauro® Link analysis software
• Driven by AC servo motors with resolver and circulating ball screw
• Range X 300mm / Y 250mm (other ranges on demand)
• Limit switch and home switch
• Mounting plate with T slot

< Image > Coordinate table for automated measurements

Cleaning station      for cleaning of the test tool

• Controlled by Tauro®Link analysis software
• Tool cleaning of abrasion and chips
• Manual or automatic cleaning
• Easy emptying of cleaning station

< Image > Cleaning station for cleaning of the test tool

 Data sheet Tauro® Tribometer - Download PDF




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